Global Sea Routes

A Historical Geodatabase of European Global Navigation (1500-1900)

Introducing GSR

GSR, Global Sea Routes geodatabase

Global Sea Routes (GSR) is a historical relational geospatial database which aims at the study of European commercial navigation and of maritime voyages of discovery and exploration on a global scale in the modern and contemporary ages (1500-1900).

The frigate Novara interactive

This section is entirely dedicated to the history of the frigate Novara and her famous circumnavigation around the world (1857-1859). Explore the section to access all the original and interactive contents about the vessel and her history.

The project

GSR project aims to represent the historical evolution of the duration time of different sorts of early-modern and modern European transoceanic sea voyages on a synoptic and comparative scale. Browse the sections to learn more about the project and engage with its content.

A Historical Geodatabase of European Global Navigation (1500-1900)
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